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About Us

Human Movement Co. are expert diagnosticians for nerve, muscle and skeletal related dysfunction. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive treatment model spanning multiple disciplines including Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy.

It is our mission to ensure our patients walk out of the practice with a clear understanding of their dysfunction after each and every consult with precise direction on how to correct this dysfunction properly, long term. Our primary motto is to treat the underlying cause, not the presenting symptoms!

We are also passionate about preventive care. Just like a regular check up at the dentist you don’t need to be injured, sick or unwell to visit a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist. Especially in a society where a sedentary lifestyle is considered the norm.

Exposing our bodies to the fundamental movements essential for good physical and mental health is something we wholeheartedly believe in. For this reason, our philosophy is to DIAGNOSE, EDUCATE, MOVE and STRENGTHEN.

Meet Dr. Tim,

Evidence based Chiropractor, Masters graduate and proud owner of Human Movement Co.; Tim’s primary motto is to ‘treat the underlying cause, not the presenting symptom’. Continued application of this ideology has led to patients branding him an “expert diagnostician”.

His knack for pinpointing and solving dysfunction ensures you leave knowing exactly what’s up and how to fix it properly, long term. Read our Google reviews to see for yourself!

Stress, injury, headaches, fatigue, mental health, Norton St Chiropractic can treat these and more

Meet Dr. Claire,

Evidence based Chiropractor, Masters graduate and long term health care strategist, Claire has a tireless passion for patient education. She has a renowned reputation for instilling the benefits of proactive vs. reactive care for the long-term well being of her patients.

Her seamless adjustment techniques and gentle, kind and caring demeanor foster trust you will receive the skilled focus and attention your body requires.

Meet Chiara,

Physiotherapist, Masters graduate and keen advocate of holistic care, Chiara believes the best quality patient care stems from a comprehensive treatment model spanning multiple disciplines. A vision we too, whole-heartedly share here at Human Movement Co.

Chiara’s rehab and exercise focus compliments our current treatment model perfectly. And her passion for exercise prescription and ongoing patient at-home care certainly fits the bill too!

Meet Robyn,
Massage Therapist

Vigorous, deep, effective. If you’re feeling as tight as tight can be and you’re not afraid to endure the hard yards to get some serious relief, Robyn’s your therapist. From the moment she makes contact with your body her passion for natural therapies becomes very evident.  

Describing the massage style as ‘firm touch’ may be an understatement – but after you’ve experienced it, you’ll know it was good for you. You’ll leave the room floating on air, a feeling that you’ll sustain for hours after. A few patients have even reported experiencing an intense emotional release 1 – 2 hours after due to its unique, focused nature. 

Robyn believes the symptomatic region of the body isn’t necessarily the region that calls for treatment. So, if you’re wondering why she’s performing treatment to a region vastly different than that in need, just ask her why and she’ll explain! 

Not your standard massage therapist, Robyn uses bee’s wax (instead of oil) to increase traction and generate more heat between her hand and your skin. Our tip if you’ve booked in with Robyn? Just surrender. 

Meet Gabi,
Massage Therapist

Firm, deep, authentic. If your body is in need of a firm touch and you’re craving an authentic, oiled, deep tissue vibe, Gabi is the therapist for you. She’ll unearth locales in the body you didn’t even know needed tending to. 

Her massage adopts broad strokes to ‘warm-up’ tense or painful areas then slow, targeted strokes with firm pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of muscles and connective tissue. Patients have described her massages as the perfect mix of pressure, precision and tenderness. 

Gabi believes even stimulating blood flow with the power of touch has healing capability. So if you’re after a lighter, more functional touch just tell her and she will undoubtedly help you relax and drift away. 

Per tradition, Gabi uses massage oil to achieve that deliciously therapeutic gliding sensation between hand and skin. Our tip if you’ve booked in with Gabi? Get comfortable, you’re going to a better place.

Meet Jodie,

Grandma to two grand babies, Jodie balances her commitments as nanny with the reception role at Human Movement Co. Always up for some chitchat, Jodie is the friendliest receptionist you’re going to meet, ever.

She’s passionate about vintage treasures and delicate crafts and welcomes our patients into the practice with a warm, bubbly and enthusiastic energy. As they say, good vibes always last.

Stress, injury, headaches, fatigue, mental health, Norton St Chiropractic can treat these and more

The Clinic

Nestled in the heart of Leichhardt, our boutique and innovative Chiropractic clinic has been providing the highest quality, evidence-based healthcare for over 33 years.

Our patient focused clinic leverages relationships with local medical and allied health professionals, facilitating a holistic team care management style – an idyllic approach to patient care.